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“The Re-Emergence and Advancement of Black Mental Health: Thriving and Building Wellness.” 

November 12-14, 2021 


Virtual Conference  



The Black Psychiatrists of America is pleased to invite you to participate in 2021 BPA Conference.  This event will bring together mental health professionals from around the nation.  The meeting will take place November 12-14, 2018.  



The Black Psychiatrists of America is the only national medical specialty organization solely dedicated to the mental health of African-Americans.  We consist of members throughout the nation.  We have approximately 200 members and we are expecting 300 attendees including the national attendees and local participation.  We are expecting psychiatrists, psychologists, professionals, therapists, social workers, nurses and other mental health professions. Since being established in 1969 we continue to lead, discuss, bring attention and develop solutions to the mental health crisis in the African-American community.    


The annual conference is one of the Black Psychiatrists of America’s ways to continue to develop and promote discussion as well as lend support to local efforts in professional development; networking and thought to develop amongst specialists with similar interests.    



To vendors, we present this conference with giving you the ability to market your company, services, and exhibit products in this unique setting.  You will be able to identify your company as an organization that shows it has dedication to the mental health of African-Americans and has visibility while enhancing your company’s image.  This is the only organization and meeting in the nation with the ability to bring together efforts from multiple sources in an effort to address the mental health needs and concerns of African-Americans.  


Please refer to the Exhibitor information for more specifics.  In submitting an application it is understood that you fully understand the information, requirements as well as terms and conditions of being an exhibitor.  If you have any further questions, please contact us at     





The Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc. (BPA) was conceived in 1969 by U.S. African members of the American Psychiatric Association due to their concerns that the APA did not address their unique concerns and needs.  The organization has grown steadily over these years and now encompasses more than four generations of psychiatric physician specialists.  


Since its’ inception BPA has sought to serve its’ members and community.  We function as a guild organization to foster the development, education, success, and well-being of our members.  We serve our patients and communities through advocacy in areas of mental health policy, access to treatment and consultation regarding the cultural competence of services.   


Toward these ends, since 1992, we have organized continuing medical education programs throughout the United States through our annual Spring Conferences.   



The Scientific Program this year was developed in response to the expressed wishes of our membership and the predominant public health and private practice concerns from Mental Health providers and patient communities.   The overall goals are to provide updated current medical information as well as culturally accurate information to reduce disparities in Mental Health services to African Americans such as were listed by Surgeon General Dr. David Satchers’ Supplemental Report on Disparities in Mental Health of Minorities in 1998.  We embrace the goal of eliminating health disparities and improving the quality of life for minorities by the year 2050.  This Continuing Medical Education Program will focus on cultural factors for Blacks as they impact mental wellness, diagnosis, treatment therapies, and research. We will also discuss the impact of technologies upon our clinical and business practices. 

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