We are

Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc.

Our goal is to influence and change the field of psychiatry
for the betterment of Black Americans and the diaspora.



A Nominations Committee, headed by our Immediate-Past President, Dr. Samuel Opaku has been assembled and is prepared to receive your nominations for the following BPA offices for 2022 - 2024:

  • President Elect

  • Treasurer

  • Trustee Region 1

  • Trustee Region 4

  • MIT Trustee

Please submit nominations for the above offices in writing to our President, Benjamin Roy at BenRoyMD@gmail.com no later than August 15, 2021.

Letter from BPA President

African American and other diasporic psychiatrists have an opportunity in this historic moment to impact psychiatry globally, facilitate the field’s advancement and liberate the unfree mind.  The work of Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc. has never been more critical.  There is resolute determination to reclaim and build upon the strong organizational legacy of advocacy, service and scholarship of BPA.  Together, we can forge a better understanding of African American life, expressions and treatment of mental disease, and effect meaningful change. View More

Why join us?

The Black Psychiatrists of America (BPA) was created in 1969. The struggles, social conditions of Black Americans, professional experiences, and the barriers faced by Black psychiatrists provided the thrust for its creation. Today, we serve as expert clinicians, supporters, and educators for mental health. Join us to network with other psychiatrists across the diaspora. We work together to eliminate racial, ethnic, religious, and gender bias and discrimination as well as prejudicial practices. We must go back to our roots in order to move forward and fight stigma. The BPA embraces all of this and more.

As time evolves,
​we need your active participation in our association as we continue
to learn from the past, speak for the present, and prepare for the future.


Michael Ingram, MD

Former BPA President